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Automatic monoblock composed by counter pressure filler with 6 valves and capper for crown caps diam. 26 mm and ROPP capsules – for cylindrical glass bottles.

Production: 700 bph x 0,33 lt for beer 400 bph x 0.75 lt for still wine

Production depends on type and temperature of filling product (we suggest from 0 to 4°c for beer)


• Counter pressure FILLER to fill carbonated beverages, such as sparkling wines, softdrinks, beer, mineral water, with 6 filling valves
• Bottle transfer system by means of a starwheel and control system to check the presence of the bottle (“no bottle / no fill”)
• Accumulation product tank with thick walls, tested up to 5 bars pressure
• Pneumatic bottles lifting with system for centring bottles
• Filling valves made of stainless steel with hot-sanitizable seals
• ‘No-foam’ filling system, with rubber ring on the filling pipe to spread the product on the bottles walls.
• Product level inside the bottle by means of steel pipes, easily removable with a tool included in the supply.
• Automatic filling cycle (electro pneumatic) : opening of the valve by backpressure, total opening to fill the bottles, decompression (snift)
• Pre-evacuation available in option
• Electronic control of the different working phases by PLC with regulation from operator panel


(Construction of the capping head in “turnable version” to be able to mount two capping stations positioned at 180°)
– Suitable for the application of a crown cap size diam. 26 mm
– Automatic Vibrating Feeder (hood without soundproofing), stainless steel AISI 304, including capsules level sensor.
– Chute, in stainless steel AISI 304, including detection device for capsules failure
– Pressure head with cone for permanent deformation of the cap
– Cam control piston made in high density plastic material to ensure the absolute nondeformability.
– Height Electric adjustment of the capping head in order to deal with additional bottle sizes.
– Turning the capping head of 180° it is possible to close ROPP aluminum caps 30×60
– SSA threading head in stainless steel AISI 304 – 4 rolls including device “no cap / no roll”
– Motovariator for independent management of the rotation for the capping head
– Accessories for applying aluminum screw cap 30×60 mm
– Additional vibrating tank for feeder
– Chute, in stainless steel AISI 304, including detection device for capsules failure