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Machine designed for the continuous thermal treatment of glass jars/bottles, PET containers or tin cans containing products such as fruit, pickles in oil/brine, creams, paté, sauces, etc.

It is fitted with control instrumentation which allows to regulate and monitor temperature, pasteurisation time and cooling time according to the type of container and product to be treated.
Once the pre-set temperature has been reached, the pasteurisation and cooling cycle starts automatically.

Manufacturing features

Stainless steels tank with half-opening basket in punched plate equipped with hooks for easy extraction from the tank
Tank with double jacket, one insulated and one for heating steam distribution
Too full weir
Temperature recorder
Electric control board in stainless steel.
technical data
Output capacity: from 200 to 1.300 containers/h approx. (Ø mm.67 H 113 mm) according to the models